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Strategic Outbound Sales

Imagine an automated version of you sending a personalized introduction email….but at scale. 

Get more sales leads with less upfront effort. We’ll craft creative, tailored messaging to your audience that gets you to your first meeting in fewer steps. Outbound messaging directly engages the people you want to reach: our process-based approach helps you generate leads, sales, and revenue growth using a combination of proven strategies.

We work closely with you to develop a target prospective audience profile and craft the right messaging that highlights your company’s values and selling features. Then, we compile custom contact lists for micro-targeted advertising to deliver your unique value proposition, as well as strategic outbound email campaigns to schedule and book meetings on behalf of your sales team.

Strategic outbound sales is an effective approach to creating proactive, predictable growth. This high-touch, scalable service will free up your sales team to work with the most valuable leads and generate higher sales volume.

Paid Acquisition

Generating paid traffic through Google Adwords, paid Social Channels, and Retargeting. 

Search engine marketing uses paid campaigns to improve visibility when a lead is actively searching for your products or services. We’ve developed hundreds of paid search campaigns and maintain the top level of Google AdWords certifications.

We’ll help you determine the right campaign strategies to meet your objectives, which may include targeted geographic and keyword campaigns, competitor-branded keywords, overall branding messaging, and more.

We’ll also help you drive traffic through the right funnel to capture leads through custom landing pages and contact forms on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

You can’t spell SEO without Content

Search engine optimization strategies improve your website’s position on search engine results pages in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We use a combination of high-quality onsite content and a network of digital publishers to improve your brand’s website authority and trust within search engines, resulting in higher rankings for targeted keywords we’ll identify as a team.

We also optimize your website’s content to improve its structure and data for maximum performance within search engines, staying up-to-date with current best practices. And for ongoing support, we’ll train your team in best practices for future website content to keep your rankings high and further reinforce your domain authority in order to drive the right organic traffic.

WHY: When your website is optimized and has a cohesive search strategy, then it enhances all of the other marketing initiatives.

Marketing Automation

WHY: Email is everything.  Automation creates engagement and improves overall performance.

A huge email list means nothing if you’re not segmenting it into groups and creating a personalized, timely messaging strategy. We’ll evaluate your current strategy, then come up with a plan for segmentation, email cadences, and tailored content to improve upon your current strategy.

Reporting Dashboards

Track your business’ marketing strategy with a custom reporting dashboard in order to optimize for effective results. We’ll work together to develop the right metrics from the platforms you already use without the clutter, and you can select custom reporting cadences based on your needs. Custom reporting gives you the metrics you need at a glance.

Website Optimization

Your website is the foundation for your marketing strategies, so optimizing it for peak performance is paramount to successful campaigns. We’ll perform analysis on your site and create a list of recommendations to improve its performance and Google Page Speed rankings. Recommendations include page speed reports, technical updates, mobile performance, site speed rankings, user flow, and landing page development to give your visitors the best experience.

Website Design

You’ve got website problems….we’ve got answers

The ELK Web Team has hundreds of business sites under our collective belt. We already solved these problems and will remove the headache of you having to worry about your website.

WHY: Headaches are a pain.  Websites give everyone headaches.  Digital marketing requires a lot of website work.  ELK has that handled for you.

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